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China National Green Food Industrial Corporation   5 products
Fuji apple,golden pear,ya pear,huanguan pear,mutton,red globe,gala apple,red star apple,gardens pear,donkey meat,ginger,garlic,potato,yak meat,pork,carrot,onion,kidney bean,peanut kernels,pumpkin seed ...

XUZHOU DAYANG FOOD GROUP CO.,LTD   3 products, 2 pictures
Dehydrated garlic,dehydrated onion,dehydrated carrot,garlic,carrot,onion,garlic flakes,garlic granules,garlic powder,carrot granules

Xinghua Liansheng Food Co., Ltd.   24 products
dehydrated carrot,dehydrated chive,dehydrated onion,dehydrated garlic,dehydrated vegetable,dehydrated bell pepper,dehydrated potato,dehydrated tomato,dehydrated spinach,red pepper,dehydrated leek,dehy ...

Zhengzhou Ruikang Enterprise Co., Ltd.   3 products, 3 pictures
Soy protein isolate,soy protein concentrate,defatted soy protein,soy dietary fiber,texture vegetable protein,instant pure soymilk powder,peanut protein flour,vital wheat gluten,monosodium gluten,citri ...

Zhecheng Chunhai Chilli Foodstuff Co., Ltd.   18 products, 2 pictures
Sanying Chilli,Bullet Chilli,Yidu Chilli,American Red Chilli,Jinta Chilli,Erjintiao Chilli,Chaotian Chilli,Xinyidai Chilli,Crushed Chilli,Chilli Threaded,Cutting Chilli,Chilli Flake,Dried Chilli,Red C ...

Atlantic Coast Functional Foods   2 products, 2 pictures
Dietary Supplement Formulation, Custom Beverage Formulation, Brazilion Botanical Extracts, Oxyphyte Antioxidants, Certified Organic Grasses / Fruits And Vegetables

Shenzhen Xash International Holding Co., Limited   3 products
Mushrooms,canned foods,fruits,vegetables,nuts and kernels,tea / honey,candy /cracker,noddle / pasta,snack foods,beans,juice,dried mushroom,wild mushroom,fresh mushoom,canned mushroom,brined mushroom,m ...

China Export Bases Development Fujian Corporation   7 products
vegetable,FD vegetable,Canned fruit,Noodles,Tea,Frozen food,Frozen fruit,Rice vermicelli,Rice stick,FD fruit,AD vegetable,AD fruit,Canned vegetable,IQFvegetable & fruit,Health tea,Frozen food,Canned f ...

Fujian Jiatian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.   4 products
fungus,black fungus,fungus dice,fungus strip,edible mushroom,king oyster mushroom,fresh mushroom,salted mushrooms,white back black fungus,mushroom spawn,dried fruits,dried kumquat,dried pineapple ring ...

Rizhao Hengxiang Trading Co., Ltd.   42 products, 4 pictures
Agr-products such as walnut kernels,peanut kernels,garlic,pumpkin seeds,fresh / frozen / dehydrated fruits and vegetables; cements,stones,hardware tools

Rizhao Chenghe Foodstuff Co., Ltd.   31 products
Sunflower Seeds,Pumpkin Seeds,Peanut Kernels,Walnut Kernels,Chestnut,Bean,Groundnut,Kidney Bean,Watermelon Seeds,Sunflower Kernels,Roasted Pumpkin Seeds,Pine nut Kernels,Garlic,Ginger,Apple,Pumpkin Se ...

Sino Hero Foods limited   3 products, 3 pictures
Hong Kong
Cheese,Butter,Cheese Powder,Australian Star UHT Milk,BOS,Shortening,Cake Magarine,Australian Wine,Instant Curry Meals,Mango Pulp

Tianjin Three-Star Foods Co., Ltd.   20 products, 3 pictures
Sunflower Seeds,Pumpkin Seeds,Watermelon Seeds,Snow White Pumpkin Seeds,Shine Skin Pumpkin Seeds,Pumpkin Seed Kernels,Sunflower Seed Kernels,Roasted Pumpkin Seeds,Roasted Sunflower Seeds,Roasted Water ...

ANXI County QIFU Tea Co.,ltd.   12 products, 4 pictures
anxi tieh-kuan-yin tea; china; china tikuanyin tea; company enterprise office; government protocol; green tea tikuanyin tea; high grade; oolong; oolong tikuanyin tea; producing area direct marketing t ...

Lianyungang Mayland Import & Export Co., Ltd.   7 products
Fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, frozen fruit, frozen vegetable, canned food, shallot, garlic, asparagus, onion, chives, parsley, artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, fresh Fuji apple, fresh Ya pear, fresh ...