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Baoji Xianyang Catering Co.,Ltd.
Is the Shaanxi Baoji's medium dining enterprise. Mainly is engaged in the dining, the food processing, the planter, the cultivation, brews, the drink and the liquor and the agricultural product sal ...

Pingyao Changtai Hotel
Is located the Pingyao old city, is the county government fixed point receives the guesthouse, the county travel agency fixed point guesthouse, the county police station assigns to touch on foreign af ...

Shanxi Changjiang Hotel
Is engaged in the dining, the entertainment, the guest room, the sauna, the healthy body and so on is a body four star classes hotel.

Jiexiu Gongmao Hotel
Local 1/2 the city is situated the liveliest region for the trade guesthouse, is the collection dining, the lodgings, the leisure, the entertainment is a body comprehensive guesthouse.

Shanxi Pingyao Huiyuan Folkways Hotel
The benefit Yuan folk custom guesthouse is located north the Pingyao old city avenue 69-71, is the tourist rises, the Ming and Qing Dynasties street prosperously from the northern city gate to the dat ...

Pingyao Changxinglong Tavern
Gathers together the Ming and Qing Dynasties tradition folk custom affective tone, the collection eats, lives, the entertainment, goes sightseeing, the shopping is a body, the treasure has the ancient ...

Yide Hotel
Is located Pingyao old city Sha Xiangjie 16, is apart from now to have more than 200 years history, is the government fixed point touches on foreign affairs receives the guesthouse.

Shanxi Xc Glassware Co., Ltd.
Glassware,Candle holder,Vase,Hurricane,Votive,Tumbler,Stemware,Bowl,Decanter,Rim series

Shanxi Pingyao Yuchengyuan Tavern
Is located in the Pingyao county seat yamen street 41. Provides the lodgings, the dining. Telephone: 0354-5686249

Juhongyuan Hotel
Is located in the old city lively west avenue 87, in 19 century's end old city silk fabrics shop.

LUCHENG Hotel Co.,ltd.
entertain; meeting; restaurant; room; sanna

Shanxi MINLU Industry Development Co.,ltd.
wine shop articles agent and marketing, restaurant, hotel development enterprise.

Shanxi SHUNCHI WEIYE Business Co.,ltd.
tv;; sofa; central refrigerating plant; solar; toilet; equipment; equipment;

Shanxi HUIGUAN Restaurant Culture Co.,ltd.
cnetral air-conditioning equipment; restaurant culture; restaurant service

Changzhi New Century Hotel
coffee, western style restaurant, shindy, zest restaurant, ancient garden tint 30 ese meal.