Beijing Salion Foods Co., Ltd.

Beijing Salion Food Co., Ltd is a food company which specializes in manufacturing and developing seasonings & condiments.

Our products are extracted from natural materials and blended skillfully. "Good nutrition and fine flavor" is what we pursuit.

Depending on our strength of technologies and advanced equipment, we have widely applied modern food technologies to production, such as: plant/animal extracting technology, biology enzymolysis , monomers synthesis, thermal reaction, emulsification, microcapsule embedment, vacuum concentration, spray drying, vacuum drying, fluid-bed drying, and other process engineering. The use of new and high technology ensures flavor stabilization and constant product innovation. Furthermore, we develop new products tailored to the needs of customers.

Our products can be divided into eight series and hundreds of types:
1. Seasoning powder: soy sauce powder, vinegar powder, catsup powder, preserved beancurd powder, Hydrolyze Vegetable Protein powder, milling powder, caramel pigment powder, etc.
2. Meat powder (paste): extract of bone and meat, beef powder (paste), chicken powder (paste), pork powder (paste), shrimp powder, oyster powder, squid powder, seafood powder, purity fish powder, etc.
3. Salted essence: beef essence, chicken essence, pork essence, etc.
4. Fruit and Vegetable powder: mushroom powder, kelp powder, pumpkin powder, carrot powder, onion powder, cabbage powder, strawberry powder, etc.
5. Coating powder: chicken coating powder, meat coating powder, pickled coating powder, etc.
6. Compound seasoning powder: puffed food (steamed bread pieces) wrapped powder, instant noodles (rice noodles) seasoning, seasoning packs for kinds of dishes, etc.
7. BBQ Sauce: Chinese/Japanese style BBQ Sauce, BBQ Sauce for roasting eel, etc.
8. Seasoning extract: chicken extract, soup extract, lug noodles extract, meat product, bittern bean food extract, chaffy dish flavoring, etc.

Our products are widely used in instant noodles (rice noodles), frozen food products, puffed food, soup, health food, meat/seafood product processing, etc. They sell all over the country and are hugely popular. We maintain good cooperation with many famous food companies in China and also export to America, Japan, Korea, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

We live by the saying that "The customer is God" and product quality is what we value most. With ISO9000 and HACCP certification, our business management and quality control are in strict accordance with national and international regulations and standards on food processing. "Integrity and loyalty" and "giving comes first" are our business principles. We are committed to offering the best service to our customers.

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HACCP ISO 9001:2000

Major markets

North America; Southeast Asia; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;

OEM/ODM service


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100 - 200

Anual sales

10,000,000 - 20,000,000 UDS

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for premium members only

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Rm.612,7#Building Wan Bo Mansion,Younei street,Xuanwu Distict.

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Japanese miso powder

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garlic powder

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HVP powder

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soy sauce


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Rm.612,7#Building Wan Bo Mansion,Younei street,Xuanwu Distict.



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