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ZHONGZHI Network Development Co.,ltd.
network software; advertise planning; information release; software development; advertizing; release supplying; network products; marketing software; 400 telephone requisition; network serve;

Huainan CHUANGXIANG Technology co.,ltd.
computer; financial software; management software; netwouk engineering; printing consumption material; purchase-sale-storage software; software; software service; software training

Shanxi Dongfang Tongda High-tech Co.,ltd
erp; group financing; manufacture manufacturing; supplying; office; human resource; trade assay; clients tie management; costing management;

Huangshan LINGLAN Investment Management Co. Ltd.
investment group, management group, patent tion cooperation; investment financing, management consulting, itment management, patent broker;

China Patent Technology Exchange Center
tion patent; practical new type; outward appearance design; patent technology; technology trading; merchant; item promoting; website construct; domain name service

Chongqing GANGAO DAJIA Software Industry Co.,ltd.
agent; software; hardware; financial software; bill software; virus killing software; microsoft golden plate agent; data recover software; cheque print software; office automatization; projector; prin ...

Yunnan SHIYI Culture Development Co.,ltd
market promoting; assembly room; household; gifts; professional lighting and acoustics; professional playact; technical products; advertise planning; stager recommendation;

Kunming GAOSHENG Technology co.,ltd.
enterprise information professional cosulting.; enterprise management information systems; UFIDA management software; utility software

Chongqing Rural Credit Coop.
Besides traditional service, but also has the domestic settlement service, the agent and so on other services.

Hengyang DAZHONG Software Company
industry software and auxiliary facilities; financing management software and auxiliary facilities; housekeeper series software; series software; suppermarket management software china telecom coopera ...

China RENBAO Life insurance Co.,ltd
life indemnification insurance; health medical insurance; thunderbolt wound insurance; endowment insurance; investment share out bonus insurance; womenfolk insurance; insurance; vehicle insurance; ent ...

Changsha Commerical Bank
Handles each kind of Renminbi, the foreign currency, the regular deposit, the demand deposit saves, draws money the service or each kind issues 0N another's behalf (.

Changsha QIANHONG Software Technology Co.,ltd
financial software; software development; food and beverage management software; recreation center software; oa office system; erp;

Tianjin Property right Exchange Center
Is a comprehensive nature, multi-purpose, is open, the standardized property right transaction organization.

Tianjin JINDEXIN Pledge Co.,ltd.
cosulting; evaluation; materials impawn pledge; personalty impawn pledge; pledge; real & estate pledge; worth title impawn pledge