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Xinjiang Yongyou Company
Introduced Xinjiang uses the friend company, with friend finance and business management software in Xinjiang area sale and service organization.

Wulumuqi WEISITE Information technology Co.,ltd.
computer harkware; computer management cosulting; hotel food and beverage management software; management software; real estate management software; sanna industry software; software products developm ...

HUAXIA TONGRUAN Technology co.,ltd.
children management software; digital software; electronic photo album software; FLASH electronic photo album software; management software; software; wedding dress management software

Hainan Co.,ltd.
AisinoU3 management software; computer and peripherals; financial software; gold abacus financial software; numerical product; password products; printer; safe; software; virus killing software

Shangrao XINYING Software Marketing Center
automatic accessories software; automobile service software; CRM clients management; garments software; general software; medicine software; oa office; suppermarket software

HEXING International Investment (China) Co.,ltd.
project; capital; electromechanical; automobile; real & estate; financing; mine; medicine; health care biologicals; chemical; agriculture; IT; hi-tech; annex; loan;; venture investment; energy;

China DAGONGZU Welfare fund HUI
feast warrant interest loan; society all circles subscribe; society individual investment; unit investment; upward investment stockholder

XINTAI Security Wuhan Sales department
agent security repayment of capital and melon pay; agent security transaction business; security and recommendation; security self-support; sponsor set up security investment fund and fund management ...

Shaanxi TIANDI HEYUN Co.,ltd.
CRM; erp; network gate computor facility; oa enterprise information management software; SCM; servicer; table type machine

Hong Kong Information Fund Group Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong
Devotes to Chinese domain the and so on area information infrastructure and Internet service, network technology investment.

Wanrong Property right Investment Advisor Company
Starts an undertaking the board to go on the market plans, solicits the initiator, the legal person transaction information, starts an undertaking the board venture capital.

Baotou HANTANG Technology co.,ltd.
Inner Mongolia
CRM; DRP; enterprise management software; erp; file management software; financial software; netwouk engineering; office system; stakeout-control system

TONGLIAO LIJIN Software Co.,ltd.
Inner Mongolia
Financial software; enterprise erp; oa office software; Hospital management software; CRM management system; payroll management system; Member management system; Purchase-sale-storage software; enterp ...

Xiamen KEMA Software Technology Co.,ltd.
plant erp software; purchase-sale-storage software; trade POS software; chain suppermarket software; regie store software; hotel software; restaurant software; weaving, printing & dyeing software; wov ...

SAISI Technology co.,ltd.
financial management software; purchase-sale-storage management software; erp administration software; manufacture manufacturing management software; shoes & clothes management software; human resourc ...