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LEILI Aptitude card Marketing Center
magnets card; meal vendor; monitoring burglarproof equipment; pos; pos machine; schoolyard broadcasting equipment; scraping card; various commercial software; vip card; walkier-lookie; work-attendance ...

Shijiazhuang DINGHENGDA Technology co.,ltd.
system; software; wages system; wages software; human resources system; human resources software; ehr system; ehr software; e-HR; e-HRM; e-HRMS; hrms;

Tangshan Technology co.,ltd.
system plan consulting; agent various financial software; marketing erp software; system integration device; office automation software; electronic government affair software; human resources software ...

TIANAN Insurance Co.,Ltd.
construction engineering insurance; enterprise property insurance; enterprise return insurance; hirer obligation insurance; installation engineering insurance; lawyer obligation insurance; medical obl ...

Tangshan QISHENG Technology co.,ltd.
financial management software; business management software; erp administration software; club software; servicer; netwouk engineering;

Ago Futures Exchange
The Chicago futures exchange main transaction variety has the soybean, the soybean oil, the wheat, the corn, the unpolished rice, the bond, the precious metal.

Beijing YUNHUA TIANDI Technology co.,ltd.
4S management software; automobile beauty software; automobile repair management software; management software for auto fittings

SHENLAN Computer software system Co.,ltd.
bill management system; finance revenue capital management system; financing majordomo integrated management system; official document transmit management

Xinhua Finance and economics Co.,Ltd.
Provides China the finance and economics information, the market information and the analysis, including real-time quoted price, market data and analysis, company data and credit u level and so on.

Tangshan XINBITUO Software development Co.,ltd.
enterprise resource management erp system; file management system; financial management system; human resource HR system; oa system; website design making

WUQIAO County TIECHENG Reducer Factory
cutting pump; gear wheel whisk; high-speed centrifuge; reducer; SB sand pump; slurry pumps; SWL lifter; vibratory screen; worm wheel whisk

Xinglong Network
The investment analysis, personally starts an undertaking, the market investigation and study, the overseas go on the market.

Zhuozhou LANKE WANJIA Technology & trading Co.,ltd.
Official consumption material; Computerfittings; Medical insurance system; Stakeout-control system; TOSHIBA notebook; nano fuel economizer; Building materials; food vegetable & fruit; Machinery & Equi ...

HAISHI Investment Company

TIANQIN Technology co.,ltd.
website making ( made-to-order ); software development; computer and fittings; multimedia facilities;