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Nanning HUAYU Balloon model Construction Co.,ltd.
balloon model; archway; movable cartoon-shaped balloon; tackle cartoon; mascot; children entertainment; air dance star; advertising model; pneumatic santa claus; poly oxford; ventilator; advertising t ...

Nanning TONGZHENG United Accountant office
accountant cosulting; agent keep; audit; engineering; enterprise planning; investment cosulting; revenue cosulting; steer; substance evaluation; training

Guangxi ZHONGZHEN JINTIAN Technology co.,ltd.
duba; ese 2000; housekeeper software; Linux; microsoft software; network products; numerical product; products; qinghua u disc; ruixing antivirus software; software; video camera lens; virus killing s ...

Management software Agent Studio
Personnel administration software; Financial management software; online simulation exchange system; enterprise within strike system; tackle assets management system; fund integrated management system

Nanning LIANYIDA Software Company
clients tie CRM; computer harkware; erp software; housekeeper clothing management software; housekeeper series products; information management software- housekeeper software; medicine management soft ...

Nanning Staple Goods Exchange Co.,ltd.
white sugar; steels; coffee; palm oil; staple electronic exchange platform; information service; storage & logistics mating; rosin;

Guilin CHUANGSHENG Technology co.,ltd.
attendance machine; financial software; management software; management system; new type village & town cooperation management software; oa office system; office management software; purchase-sale-sto ...

Guilin Investment Merchant Web
guilin municiple investment merchant mutuality item, environment, policy, manual, online cosulting various general information introduction.

Jiangnan Security
Is devotes to provides the safe quick on-line negotiable securities transaction service and the specialized characteristic negotiable securities investment to the investor.

Nanning CHENGSHANG Software Co.,ltd.
990 financial software; AC990 financial software; clients tie management software; erp system; hospital management software; industry enterprise marketing management software; materials management sof ...

Nanning Trade Bank Online Bank

Guangxi ANGUANG Timber Co.,ltd.
63*127 veneer various veneer; deal log; fibreboard; log; man-made board; place wood processing; seek cooperation forestation; shuttering boards for construction; sundry wood log; supplying; supplying ...

Guilin LILI Co.,ltd.
agent; housekeeper garments trade edition; housekeeper software; housekeeper trade edition; printer; scanning gun; suppermarket equipment; suppermarket pos cashier system

Guilin CHENGXIN Software Technology co.,ltd.
clients tie; enterprise management software; financial software; human resources system; management; manufacture management; wages management

Liuzhou Sino software Technology co.,ltd.
automobile club management software; decoration company management software; general purchase-sales-storage software; mobile phone communication industry purchase-sale-storage software; taxicab compan ...