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Dalian HUAYUAN Software Technology co.,ltd.
foreign trade management software; physical distribution management software; purchase-sale-storage management software; financial software; oa office; Hr human resources system;

Shenyang GUANYU XIANDAO Network Co.,ltd.
commerce software; industry software; park ticket system; passenger transport computer ticket system; software development; website development

Shenyang ZHONGSHANG Technology co.,ltd.
enterprise post office; financial software; making; office automation software; physical distribution software; software for real estate

Shenyang HENGRUI Investment Consulting Co.,ltd.
investment consulting; investment management; foreign exchange investment; futures investment; stock investment; investment economy; business consulting;

ZHONGHUIYINTONG (Dalian) Loan Co.,ltd.
business automobile loan; dalian loan; dalian trade loan; enterprise loan; folk lending; individual loan; trading financing

Liaoning Dalian Nan Du Futures Research Workshop
Domestic international cooking oil market stock on-hand merchandise information, soybean information primarily.

Dalian SENLIAN Technology Co.,ltd.
broker management system; CRM clients tie management software; enterprise general platform; enterprise management software; erp administration software; financial management software; group real estat ...

Dalian Security Co.,Ltd.

culture exhibition exchange center; garments center; hardware; international building materials decoration; international furniture; leather products light & textile industry exchange center; material ...

Hong Kong TIANFENG International Trading Co.,ltd
mineral products, oil & foodstuff, agriculture & byproducts, wood, woven wear goods; steels,; cassava,; iron ore,; vehicle and spare parts and fittings,; plastic,; dyestuffs,; chemical fertilizer,; pe ...

Dalian Zhonglian Computer Co.,Ltd.
Microsoft authenticates, the airport management synthesis software development, on-line declares goods software.

YINGJI Software development (Dalian) Co.,ltd.
software development; outsourcing; project cooperation; security, foreign exchange, futures; electronic bank; individual credit financial system; finance website; financial system; postal matter syste ...

Dalian LIANXIN Technology co.,ltd.
community management system; country financial software; medical safety tube system; medicine; purchase-sale-storage software; suppermarket

Shenyang YUANFANG Software Co.,ltd.
Erp administration software; Financial software; Physical distribution management software; Assets management software; property right management software; Equipment management software; On-line invit ...

Shenyang BORUAN Information technology Co.,ltd.
erp; manufacture transact system; financial analysis system; business financial data analysis; manufacture dispensation system; quality management system; electronic government affair. business system ...