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Changchun SANHAN Technology development Co.,ltd.
software; housekeeper software; software; software; computer vindicate; enterprise data vindicate; computer service; network installation;

Changchun Overseas Xueren Chuangye Yuan
In order to the person who study abroad, studies abroad repatriates the personnel to invest, to start an undertaking provides the preferential policy, the creation fine environment.

Changchun BANGJIE Software Co.,ltd.
financial software; electronic government affair office software; costing; manufacture; physical distribution software; ASGRP;

Tonghua HUOHU Software Technology Co.,ltd.
enterprise management software; financial management system; hospital management system; inventory management system; oa automation office system; payroll management system

Pacific ocean Life insurance Company
endowment insurance; health insurance; insurance; investment insurance; life insurance; medical insurance; obligation insurance; penates insurance; service; share out bonus insurance; team insurance; ...

Changchun Rent Numeral camera Walkier-lookie Company
rent numeral camera; rent digital video camera; numeral camera rent; digital video camera rent; making dvd player / vcd-player; wash digital print;

Jilin LANGCHEN Information safety technology Co.,ltd.
encryption equipment; hard disks magnetic eraser; information replacement system; monitor; network safe firewall; no. 4 physics insulation; optical disk pulverizer; physics isolation net; protection s ...

Development Futures broker Co.,ltd.
bank; security; futures;; investment; economy;

Changchun GUANNAN Economic & trade Co.,ltd.
plane; general; insurance;;;

Jilin Jinchang Futures Company
futures broker business; corn engineering; futures consulting business;

Changchun JIAMENG Technology co.,ltd.
electronic government affair software; erp software; financial software

JIDA TUOWEI Technology development Co.,ltd.
network products; software

Changchun YONGYOU Software Company
changchun software; jilin software

Changchun Property right Exchange Center
The property right transaction, the stockholder's rights are entrusted with, pawn the service.

Changchun ANHANG Network technology Co.,ltd.
housekeeper;;;; hotel management system; bill; food and beverage management software;