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Nanjing infol Technology co.,ltd
erp; standard accounting software; accountant file management software; supplying management; online report forms management software; financial management software; financial software; oa;

Jiangsu Hi-Tech Venture Investment Company
Is engaged in the venture capital, the capital operation, the capital management high-tech venture capital male.

Nanjing SIMEITE Investment Co.,ltd.
financing; investment management; item financing; item investment; substance reform; tactic planning; venture investment

Jiangsu JIUJIU Software Group Co.,ltd.
clients tie management software; financial software; human resources software; purchase-sale-storage management software; storage management software; suppermarket management software

Suzhou Gold Investment Company
gold exchange center; gold investment agent; gold investment join in; gold exchange franchise; legitimacy regulation; fund security; gold franchise; gold exchange; gold investment; investment gold; go ...

HUIBO Information technology Co.,ltd.
- industry erp; - industry; - trade; -; - warehouse management; - products costing; - wages; - record management; - management; - after service; - property management; - software development platform; ...

Suzhou HANNIER Investment Advisor Co.,ltd.
financing; financing mutuality information; investment; meeting exhibition service; mutuality service; planning service; substance business management cosulting service; warrant cosulting

Changzhou KANKAN Network technology Co.,ltd.
financing integrative software; financing management series; industry management series; long-distance management software; software 3000 series; software 5000 series; software 7000 series; software E ...

Nanjing SUDIE Software development Co.,ltd.
K3 erp series; K3 oa; K3HR; KIS; KIS bill; KIS business; KIS financing; KIS garments shoes and caps; KIS professional; KIS standard; KIS trading

China Online Finance Service Web
Individuality on-line finance service, including information, quotation, notice, request, consultation and so on.

Jiangyin JINXIN E-commerce Co.,ltd.
computer; computer network; enterprise information management system; erp; management software; system integration device

China Incubate Web
Collects the domestic and foreign hatching, the investment, the project, enterprise's information, provides for starts an undertaking the service and.

China Technology Property right Exchange Web
Issued the Shanghai technology property right exchange information, the connection starts an undertaking the investment and the high-tech project bridge.

Shanghai WANJIYUAN Software development Co.,ltd.
automobile beauty management software; beauty hairdressing; card-read device; computer; outdoor bathing place; printer; restaurant; various card

KUNSHAN HEIMA Culture Protocol Co.,ltd.
audio rent; balloon fire; culture playact; lighting rent; marketing planning; ritual; stage rent; start business emoration