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Membership on Chinese Yellow Pages

To protect the listed businesses, all sensitive information are only provided to registered users.

Any visitors over their local legal age can register a user account for free.

You can upgrade to premium membership, for a fee, to gain more access and privileges.

When membership is required?

- view sensitive information of listed businesses, posts, trade leads and etc.

- send feedback to listed businesses, posts, trade leads and etc.

- post your own offers, leads and etc.

- list your business or modify its listing. (For China users only)

- download a certain list.

- upgrade to premium membership.

What information do we collect?

You need register at least your name, email address and country to obtain an user account.

You need provide more information when you register as a China user since your business is to be listed.

How user data are used?

We use user accounts to control access, not for selling user data.

Your user account information will not be sold to or shared by any third party beyond this website and its host.

We do not send promotions or any commercial advertises to our members.

You can expect only a few messages from us for your account issues only.


- You can only register one account with each email address.

- You need a valid email address to activate your user account and business listing.

- All postings, listings and feedbacks are subject to editorial review, before it can be displayed or transmitted.


All members are subject to some limits of certain operations, even with the premium membership, which includes:

- Total number of feedbacks you can send during a certain period of time.

- Total number of posts, offers, leads you can post during a certain period of time.

- Total number of listing records you can view during a certain period of time.

- Total number of pages you can access during a certain period of time.

When a limit is reached, your account will be blocked for some certain operations. Block will be removed when your quota recovered by time.

Premium members have much high limit on most of those operations.

More questions?

please contact webmaster if you have more questions.


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